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Buy Online: EU Twitch 15 Euro Gift Card

Der Code wird so schnell wie möglich an deine E-Mail-Adresse gesendet.
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1. Go to twitch.tv/redeem and log into your Twitch account.
2. Enter the code for your gift card and the amount will be automatically added to the Gift Card Balance in your Wallet.

The official activation code for redeeming EU Twitch 15 Euro Gift Card on your Twitch Account.

With a Twitch Gift Card you can purchase a Channel-Subscription or Gift-Subscription to follow and support the streamers you like. This way you can get free Twitch-products like Emotes, Badges and Cheers, or even extra benefits like bonus content and rewards. Many streamers like to share a little extra with their cherished viewers to say “thank you” for the engagement.

Other ways to spend your Twitch Gift Card could be:

Subscribing to a channel supports the streamer to make more of the content you love. But next to that, subscribing comes with some unique extras to award you: the subscriber! The longer you are subscribed to a channel, the more rewards, gifts or Subscriber-Only content you will receive. This way, a streamer shows you gratitude for your loyalty as a subscriber.

Bits for Cheers and Emotes
This is a bit like virtual tipping to streamers you like. It’s a fun way to interact within the Twitch community by unlocking special emotes and to create and celebrate special moments on the platform.

When you really enjoy a particular stream you will want your friends to join you. With the Twitch Sub-Gifting service you can share the love with other viewers and convince your friends to join the awesome Twitch community!

Twitch Turbo
This is a monthly subscription program offered exclusively on Twitch.tv which gives you a couple of benefits like ad-free watching, additional emotes and extended storage.

Prime Gaming
If you are an Amazon Prime member you have the option to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch account to gain access to Prime Gaming (used to be called Twitch Prime). This will give you extra benefits like one free Twitch subscription per month. Twitch Gift Cards will however not grant you Amazon Prime access if you don’t have a Prime membership.

How will I receive my code?

A digital code will be sent to your email address which you will then be able to redeem on the official web site. You can find more specific instructions above.

Why should I prefer Punktid’s online store?

Price – thanks to our digital delivery we can skip the delivery and packaging costs which allows us to sell the games under the recommended retail price.
Trustworthiness – We have thousands of positive feedbacks in Trustpilot and our average rating is 9.9/10. We always do our best to make the experience as smooth and fast as possible for our customers.
Experience – We have been on the market since 2009 and know everything about gaming so we can help you with pretty much every question. And even if we don’t know – we’ll find out and try to help you anyway!

Warum sollte ich den Punktid.de Onlineshop bevorzugen?

  • Preis – dank unserer digitalen Lieferung können wir auf Versand- und Verpackungskosten verzichten, sodass wir unsere Spiele unter dem empfohlenen Einzelhandelspreis verkaufen können.
  • Vertrauenswürdigkeit – Wir haben tausende von positiven Bewertungen auf Trustpilot und unsere durchschnittliche Bewertung liegt bei 4.6/5. Wir tun immer unser Bestes, um das Einkaufserlebnis für unsere Kunden so reibungslos und schnell wie möglich zu gestalten.
  • Erfahrung – Wir sind seit 2009 auf dem Markt und wissen alles über Spiele, sodass wir Ihnen bei so gut wie allen Fragen helfen können. Und selbst wenn wir etwas nicht wissen, werden wir es herausfinden und versuchen, Ihnen trotzdem zu helfen!
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